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online community strategy

We believe in the power of community – it's more than just a marketing tool, it's a necessary part of any successful businesses ecosystem. Our strategies will help you to build relationships, interact with your current and potential customers/clients, and drive meaningful conversations.

We understand the complexities of creating impactful online communities, so no matter what stage you're at, we'll make sure your strategy is tailored for success.

online community Management

Stop spinning your wheels managing your online community! With our innovative Online Community Management service, you can streamline the process and save valuable time. Designed specifically for business owners, we take care of your customers and help retain them too. Our bold approach will ensure you get the results you need to fit perfectly into your overall marketing strategy.

triple D audit

deep diagnostic

of your fb group

Are you a business owner who wants to get maximum value from your Facebook group? Unleash the potential of your online community with our Facebook group audit! We'll give you a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your group, including how well member engagement is, what content works best, and ways to improve member experience.

"Becky has been an incredible asset to our team in helping us build the Jasper community. She is a relentlessly hard hard worker, and has become a real team player. Our community is far better off with her and I now have far less headaches."

- Dave rogenmoser, CEO & Co-Founder

Hey, I'm Becky Samuels!

I'm an Online Community Strategist that supports business owners and group leaders like YOU build a successful and profitable community!

In 2018, after being a stay-at-home mom for 14 years I was ready to join the workforce again. What I didn't realize was that no one would hire me due to lack of experience (not even temp agencies). So, I decided I would make my own path and build my own business.

I did some research and found the online marketing world! There were so many different opportunities. I dove in and learned so many skills. That's how I found Community Management. I fell in love with managing Facebook groups.

I love that I get to virtually "meet" and serve people from all over the world!

HERE'S how I can serve you right Now

Join the facebook group

Join my Facebook group and get to know other Group leaders like you! We talk about all things groups, engagement, new features (I'm a FB Partner), growing your email list, and making sales!

community Engagement cure

Learn how to grow or revive the engagement in your Facebook group so that you don't feel like you're talking to yourself. Plus learn how to turn your leads into sales!



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